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Please see our website building offer. We provide comprehensive consulting, project preparation, building a website or application and placing it on hosting.

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palety pruszcz gdański

Purchase of pallets

Company site with a blog

działki za miastem

Dzialki za miastem

Company website with a search engine for plots of land for sale



Sports Club website

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Helpdesk and company service

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IT services

How IT Services Can Change Your Business

What are IT services ? IT services is a set of services that are offered to support IT infrastructure. Belong to them: Network…

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23 August 2022
Web design

Website Design

What do we mean by web design ? Website design is a process that consists of several stages. First, you need to know the client's goals…

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06 September 2022
gatsby website

Creating websites based on the Gatsby.js framework?

CREATING WEBSITES IN GATSBY Gatsby is a framework that uses the React library, in which web development is extremely enjoyable, with a…

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20 September 2022


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