Website Design

Web design

What do we mean by web design?

Website design is a process that consists of several stages. First, you need to know the client's goals and requirements, then plan the scope of the project, and create a site map and elements. The next step is to collect materials and content, and develop a graphic layer. The last part of the process is testing the project from multiple angles, and finally hosting the website and officially launching it for visitors.

For any business, this is one of the most important aspects of advertising and marketing. This is the first thing a potential customer will see and will affect their opinion of your company.

The job of a web designer is to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and adaptable to a variety of devices.

Therefore, the design of a website must consist of several points: graphic design, information and content architecture, and website coding. Prepared graphics are responsible for the appearance of the website and its branding. The content should be structured and presented in a logical way so that it is easy to find what you are looking for. Interfaces responsible for user interaction with the site must be properly written with the help of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Website design and related costs?

A website is a great way to promote your business and make it public. However, there are many factors that can influence the cost of a website. Website design is valued on the basis of three main factors that influence its cost. This is her project, and in the next stage, development and hosting.

The basic cost of a website is its design and execution. You can commission website designers or build a website yourself using WIX or Wordpress wizards. The cost of execution is mainly influenced by how much time and effort is spent on writing code for your website and integrating it with everything that will be on the page. For example, social media, forms or payment systems. If you are building a large and complex project, you need to spend more time building it.

Administration and care, as well as possible positioning, are part of the development of the website. The cost will depend on the size of the page and the need to make changes to it, or edit subpages such as a blog. The cost of positioning is influenced, among others, by the size of the company, the competitiveness of the industry and the area of ​​operation.

Further down the spectrum, you should consider the cost of maintaining your website on a server to ensure that visitors can access your website. Hosting is the place on the server where your website is physically located and from where it is distributed on the Internet.

Website design, trends you need to know

Every year there are new trends in web design. These trends are so popular that they eventually become mainstream.

Some of the most popular web design trends for 2022 include:

  • Minimalism - makes the website look authentic, professional and serious, it is a trend used by most of the world's brands.
  • Full-screen page layout - uses the entire available screen area, which can be creatively developed and planned for intuitive navigation.
  • WebGL - interactive 2D and 3D graphics rendered with the use of JavaScript
  • Movie - a video clip, instead of the standard photo in the header, gives the website dynamics and modernity
  • WebP - a graphic format created by Google that has become a standard
  • Layers - this is the trend of overlapping photos and texts, all linked by animation
  • Infinite Scrolling - This is the use of websites and applications with long scrolling where users scroll down to view more content. This is a trend that has emerged for several years and is still going strong this year.

What are the types of websites and what should be included in the design of your website?

There are many types of websites out of which you can customize a few for your business. By specifying your goals and requirements, you will certainly choose the type that suits your needs.

Company site

A website dedicated to informing potential customers about the products or services you offer. They bring interested parties the values ​​and possibilities of your company. A company website should facilitate contact with your company, as well as contain descriptions of what you have in your offer.


An e-commerce site is a type of business site that offers to purchase products and services on the site through an online transaction, without the interference of individuals at the time of the transaction.

Personal blog

A blog is a type of private page, most often telling about events and experiences in private life. It also happens that such a blog is related to business and is used to promote and sell your own or your business partner's products.

Info page

Media portals and other news sites provide the latest information on events from around the world. The information page presents daily a series of news from what is happening in a given industry, country or community.


A website of this type is a collection of projects previously completed by professionals, which are presented in order to win new orders or promote their own reputation.

Educational pages

The educational website is a place where the public has easy access to all kinds of online courses. Teaching communities, educational institutions, and course professionals use this type of site to share their material both to promote their content and to earn additional income.

Internet forum

The forum is a place that brings together communities with similar interests who exchange their views, thoughts, experiences and knowledge. They create discussion groups where everyone can express their opinion.

Business card page

A website like a business card or a brochure has easy access to information about a given company. It includes a section on what the company does and a contact section. A business card page is a type of website that is fairly easy to design from a design point of view.

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